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Consignment Sales

We’re happy to help you sell your firearm. Consignment sales let you get the most for your weapon, while still completing the transaction within the laws.

How it Works

At Titus Kustoms, we will research the latest price trends and values and work with you on what a fair selling price would be. You would turn the firearm over to us so we can sell it for you, we would keep a portion of the sales, generally around 10%. Because of this, you get the most you can for you used firearms. This is a perfect way to liquidate large estates. Our consignment rate is lower than most of our competitors because of our low overhead. We don’t need to keep the lights on in a large shop but we still have many connections in the business to make sure you get the most for your used guns.

If you decide you would no longer like to sell the firearm or it does not sell, we would turn it back over to you without charge.

Consignment fees vary from 10% to 13%

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